Rookie gets absolutely smashed with massive hit by Brent Burns in NHL debut

Brandon Hagel got a pretty rough welcome to the NHL last night. The Chicago rookie took a massive hit from Brent Burns, dropping to the ice at the boards.

Even though Burns thought it was a good hit, he got called on a two minute penalty.

For each and every player, making their NHL debut is one of the biggest moments in the career.

But even though it must be an amazing experience, there will be other players out there looking to give you a nice warm welcome.

Last night, that player was Brent Burns.

Blackhawks’ Brandon Hagel made his NHL debut at home ice Wednesday night after putting up 31 points in 58 games for the Rockford Ice Hogs this season. But in the second period, he got to feel what it’s like playing in the best hockey league in the world.

Skating with the puck at the boards, Hagel forgot to look up with Brent Burns coming at him in full speed. The Shark’s defenseman put in a huge hit with Hagel dropping to the ice.

Burns thought it was a clean hit. But the referees had another idea, giving him a two minute penalty.