Senior hockey team hijacks Zamboni in the most iconic Championship celebration we’ve ever seen

It’s one thing to win the Stanley Cup, but if you love hockey, every trophy matters. If you think about how many people actually play hockey, it’s an absurdly low number that makes it to the big league.

But to some, winning a trophy in senior hockey can be just as important as the Stanley Cup is for NHLers. And this is the perfect example.

Senior hockey is great to watch. It may not be as skilled as the NHL, but it’s still entertaining and a special place to be around. It’s all about fun, but it’s still competitive, and the players put in a shift to win.

And when a senior hockey team wins a trophy, you can bet their celebrations are much better. Since they’re not pro athletes, they don’t need to care about what happens during a celebration, and as they’re not as famous, they can celebrate in any way they want.

When the Balcarres Broncs clinched the QVHLL Championship in Saskatchewan, they celebrated in a way we would never see in the NHL.

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At first, their celebrations seemed to be what you’d expect. Friends and family filled the dressing room as champagne was popped, but things quickly got out of hand.

According to films on Social Media, the team quickly realized there was a Zamboni in the rink, and they soon took control of it. The videos of the team driving the Zamboni, with the trophy in their hands, is a pure joy to watch, and it’s the ultimate proof that Senior Hockey is the most awesome thing in hockey.

Congratulations to the Balcarres Broncs on winning the QVHHL Championship and being the team with the most awesome celebration in hockey history.

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