Living legend Jaromir Jagr pens emotional and final letter to deceased father

Jaromir Jagr is a future Hall of Famer, he just needs to retire from hockey, and he’s sure to get inducted. He’s still playing in Czech with the club Kladno, for which he’s also the owner.

Jaromir Jagr’s father was the person who got him into hockey in the first place, and Jagr Jr. has his dad to thank for a wonderful career. Jagr is one of the greatest players of all time. And so many times, he’s said it’s all thanks to his dad. They were really close, but tragedy struck the Jagr family last week as Jaromir Jagr Sr. died. Per reports, he had been ill-health for months and passed away at 82.

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Jagr Sr. was also a former hockey player, just like his son, and was the President of Kladno until Jaromir Jagr Jr. took over ten years ago.

Jaromir Jagr Jr. has now penned one last letter to his deceased father, and it’s heartbreaking but also filled with warm humor.

”THE LAST LETTER ON THE WAY TO HEAVEN TO DAD FROM SON. Dear dad, here’s a day i hoped would never come. The day you leave this world for a world unknown to us. But I believe the day you chose to walk away, you’re giving mea clear sign that everything is exactly how it should be and I need not be afraid,” Jagr wrote.

”15.11.2022, if we add all the numbers 15+11+20+22 the sum equals to number 68 and that is the number I wear on my hockey jersey and it means a lot to me. I want to thank you for everything you have done for us. For me, for Jitka, for my mom and the whole family.”

”And not just for us, but for everyone. I have never seen you reject someone. Whoever asked you, you helped. You toiled and worked from dawn to dusk. You didn’t miss one practice session or game. You were strict but fair. You were the one who created me. I was just an image that people came to look at, some even admired me. But the real painter was you.”

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Jagr has always taken his hockey advice from his father. He writes about it in his letter.

”Just listen to me, don’t drink alcohol, don’t show pain, you must always train more than others and my favorite advice – don’t marry, you have enough time.”

”If I had to sum it up I’d say you sacrificed 100% and did your best to make your family better than you did. And I’d like to remind you of your unique dry humor. People who didn’t know him didn’t understand. Just your original greeting, ‘Hey, are you doing something?’ He managed to derail even the biggest champions.”

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To end the letter, Jagr wrote:

”And finally, I have some advice for you. I don’t know how it works in heaven and I don’t know who you’ll meet first, if it’s St. Peter, Jesus, or God himself, but try to greet them differently than you did here on earth. You know, just greet them with the “Hey, are you doing something?” Probably wouldn’t be the happiest beginning. Have a nice time there and see you soon. Jaromir, Jitka and mom.”

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