There’s a player named Gretsky in the KHL who didn’t want to wear No. 99

The Belarusian hockey player Vyacheslav Gretsky’s gaining huge attention in Russia, and it’s easy to understand why.
Speaking to The Hockey Beast, the KHL forward tells the story of why he is wearing number 99 on his back.
“I would like to be more successful as a hockey player than Wayne”, Gretsky says.

He hasn’t had a sensational career on the ice. But that doesn’t really matter since Vyacheslav Gretsky is gaining a lot of attention for a pretty specific reason.

The Belarusian forward, playing for Dinamo Minsk in the KHL, has two points in 14 games this season, but still he played in the KHL All Star game after being voted in by the fans.

So why did he became a KHL All Star? One simple answer to that could be because of his last name. Surely it reminds everyone of “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky.

The name Gretsky has been past on for generations in his family. And in the hockey world, The 23 year old had gained plenty of attention since joining the KHL. But it’s not only because of the name.

The number on his back reads “99”, the same as Wayne Gretzky.

“I understand why people think he’s my idol because we play wearing the same number, but it wasn’t my choice, Gretzky tells the Hockey Beast. “I wanted number twelve, but when I got to the locker room I got 99. One could say that the number chose me.

“I don’t want to be like him, even though you want to accomplish as many things as he did. He was a true hero and a unique person”.

Source: Wikipedia

The centerman did quite good during the All Star Weekend, scoring goals and getting cheers from the crowd at VTB Arena in Moscow.

Gretsky’s not shy about his future goals. He aims to be the best in the world, and maybe in all of hockey history.

“I would like to be more successful as a hockey player than Wayne, so I set the bar high and trying to get closer step by step”, Vyacheslav Gretsky tells The Hockey Beast.

Do you think any player will surpass Wayne Gretzky as the greatest player in history? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!

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