Jaromir Jagr is being brutally honest about his future; we thought the day would never come

Jaromir Jagr is one of the greatest icons in all of hockey. The Czech is a living legend with his 24 seasons in the NHL, and he played a total of 1 733 games for nine teams. In those games, he scored a sensational 1 921 points, with 766 goals and 1 155 assists. Jaromir Jagr is second in points in NHL history, only behind the in-human Wayne Gretzky.

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Jagr is now 50 years old but has refused to quit the game. Since he left the NHL after the 2017-18 season, Jagr returned home to his former club Kladno.

Jagr is the club owner, but he’s also produced some impressive stats on the Ince, with 98 points in 159 games. Last season, the 50-year-old Jagr played 48 games. But this season, he hasn’t stepped on the ice, and now he reveals why.

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Not many players can keep playing over their 40s, and for Jaromir Jagr to do it ten years beyond that is enormous. Jagr has always loved hockey, and he’s always been the player on his teams who practice the hardest and take care of his body best.

But now, Jagr admits he lacks motivation and says he might have played the last game of his fantastic career.

“I lack lust and motivation,” he said to Czech outlet iSport.cz.

“I’m nowhere near a comeback. If I’m being honest, I don’t even want to come back. I don’t have the motivation and don’t feel like it.”

Jagr admits that a lot of things point at him retiring and that he ends his career at the age of 50. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll soon have to say goodbye to one of the greatest ever.

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