Is this the weirdest slap shot goal of all time?

When you have such a powerful shot, why would you need anyone else on your team? Even so, why would you ever need to enter the offensive zone?

An anomaly, Hardy Sauter took a real howitzer from behind his own goal line that ended up in the back of the net. It’s a goal that doesn’t happen too often. Is this the furthest slap shot goal of all time?

Sauter, who was born in Saskatchewan, climbed the ranks of junior hockey. From the SJHL to the WHL, Sauter played in the highest level of junior hockey in Canada. While he never made the NHL, he spent some time in Sweden, as well as the ECHL and IHL. Sauter really made his name known playing in the North – American CHL (Central Hockey League). The league is now defunct but ran until 2014.

Sauter was a real legend in the CHL. He tallied 669 points in 590 games played, all while being a defenseman. He scored 142 goals in his CHL career, but none was more memorable than the longest slap shot goal we have ever seen.

Representing the Oklahoma City Blazers in March of 2001, Sauter corralled the puck and did the unimaginable. Instead of setting up for a breakout, Sauter opted to shoot the puck from behind his own goal line. On the pucks way, it deflected off the oppositions’ stick. From there, the puck bounced off the ice (with speed) and beat the goaltender.

Sauter may have been going for a long stretch pass to the far blue line, but ended up potting his 14th of the season. It’s hard to stop a puck with speed. It’s even harder to stop a puck with speed that also is deflected. Russ Tyler taught us that the Knucklepuck is never stopped. Fulton Reed taught us that a heavy slapshot is deadly. Hardy Sauter taught us that if you combine the two, the goaltender has no chance.

Sauter certainly proved that any shot on net isn’t a bad one. Remember, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

Even if it happens to be from one goal-line to the other.