Fists fly everywhere during insane brawl in German hockey league

Fists fly everywhere during insane brawl in German hockey league

To say emotions were high in a German hockey league game would be an understatement.

Eisbären Berlin and Straubing Tigers of the DEL had a legendary brawl in their most recent contest. With Berlin having a commanding 4-0 lead in the third period, tempers started to flare.

A full out line brawl ensued and the referees struggled to contain all of the players. Just as things were starting to calm down, more punches were thrown and the chaos ensued once again.

No mercy was shown during this brawl. Hands and bodies were flying everywhere. It appears as if a slash at centre-ice starting the whole debacle.

Berlin were set to go on a Power Play after the play but a teammate of the player who was slashed stepped up and took matters into his own hands.

Overall, 95 penalty minutes were handed out from the fight. Sena Acolaste received 25 of those minutes, Mitchell Heard earned over 30, with Brendan Ranford and Martin Buchwieser receiving a 10-minute penalty on top of minor penalties.

Bears coach Jodoin Clement was so infuriated he didn’t even attend the press conference after the game. He sent assistant coach Gary Fleming, who mentioned the score and how we should be protecting the players.

Defender Florian Kettemer recalled his youth after seeing the brawl, “Players who were not so good and did not accept their inferiority then just started beating, like the Tigers!”

A savage comment, nonetheless. The DEL standings are tight, with Berlin owning a four-point lead on the Tigers.

According to Jorg Lubrich, the DEL will initiate a primary investigation of the incident.