Finnish icon Teemu Selanne has a Swedish flag tattooed on his body, after a bachelor party gone totally wrong

Teemu Selanne has a special place in every Finnish hockey fan’s heart. He was a frightening goalscorer, both in Team Finland and in the NHL, and only eleven players in the history of the NHL have scored more goals than him (684).

As a player from Finland, Selanne shouldn’t be the biggest fan of the big rivals from the west, Sweden, and they’ve had lots of brutal battles on the ice over the years.

That’s why it’s such a massive surprise that Selanne, Finland’s most prominent hockey legend, actually has a Swedish flag tattooed on his body. It sounds like a fake story, but Selanne has confirmed it.

During a bachelor party, Selanne got blindfolded by his friends and dragged into a tattoo studio.

The tattoo artist got nervous seeing Selanne lying there, so when he asked for a Finnish flag to be tattooed on his foot, the artist accidentally used blue and yellow colors instead of blue and white.

” He was like,’ I can’t believe it, but when I saw who it was, I couldn’t think straight. Get back in a week, and we’ll sort it out’,” he says.
But Selanne never came back.

” I think it’s a really funny story.”

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