Fighting hero Georges Laraque set for sensational comeback in hockey, ten years after last professional game

Georges Laraque is one of the best and most feared fighters in NHL history. He retired with more than 700 games played, and during his years in the NHL, he had more than 1,200 penalty minutes.

Laraque is a cult hero in Edmonton, and now, he’s set for a remarkable comeback.

Georges Laraque played in Sweden during the NHL lockout 2004-05, and although he only played 13 games with AIK, he became a huge fan favorite.

The following year, he was back playing in the NHL with the Oilers, and five years later, he retired. But in 2014-15, he returned to play with Fana IHK in Norway. Ten years have passed, and Laraque, now 47, hasn’t played pro hockey since.

But next season, he will be back, and this time in Sweden.

IK Österviking was formed in 2018, and they only play their games on an outdoor rink.

In 2022, they played their first ever game, and now, they’re pulling of one of the most incredible signings in all of hockey.

2002 Season: Georges Laraque. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The plan is for Laraque to come to Sweden in January or February to lace up for a few games.

”When I first contacted him, I just wanted a big name to show up for the hockey fans in our town. I thought it would be difficult to get him over here, but he responded with, ’I’ll be there, I want to play!’ It’s really fun,” a representative from the team said to Swedish Aftonbladet.

MONTREAL – DECEMBER 20: Georges Laraque #17 of the Montreal Canadiens smiles as he fights Andrew Peters #76 of the Buffalo Sabres during their NHL game at the Bell Centre December 20, 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)

But there’s a few things that need to get in place first. The team has a sponsor that will finance Laraque’s comeback.

”He’s older than when he skated around in the NHL and fought everyone. No one needs to be afraid he’ll fight them, but I don’t think the opponents will dare to upset him. Everyone knows how he was in the NHL, he’s not really the first guy you would start a fight with in front of goal.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The team is thrilled by their new addition, and as they play in the lower tiers of Swedish hockey, they immediately gain a huge advantage over their rivals.

”I talked with a colleague the other day … He said, ’You should ask your opponents how many NHL games they’ve got in their team. Zero! We have 700, haha.’ It’s going to be a blast.”

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