52-year-old Donald Brashear drops the mitts with veteran in huge heavyweight fight in the LNAH Quebec Pro League

Once a hockey tough guy, always a hockey tough guy. Just look at Donald Brashear. During his years in the NHL, he was a scary dude to play against.

And one time, Alex Ovechkin was asked who he would like to have as the third guy in his line if he and Sidney Crosby ever played with each other. His answer? Donald Brashear.

That speaks volumes about how appreciated Brashear was as a teammate and what he offered to his team every time he stepped onto the ice.

When Donald Brashear retired from the NHL, he had the 15th most penalty minutes in league history.

Brashear was also a great fighter, and even iconic enforcers like Georges Laraque have said that Brashear was one of the few who actually scared him when they dropped the mitts.

Although Donald Brashear played his last NHL game in 2009, he hasn’t given up on the sport. After a few years in the LNAH, he played with Peter Forsberg’s former team, Modo, in Sweden for 12 games in 2014.

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After a three-year break from hockey, from 2016 to 2019, he made a stunning comeback in the LHSLF, and since then, he’s played games every season.

Brashear is now 52 but stunned the hockey world when announcing he planned for a comeback in the LNAH, signing a contract with the Marquis de Jonquière. And earlier this month, Brashear displayed his fighting skills, as he dropped the gloves during a game against the Petroliers Laval.

The video of the fight went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday, with everyone absolutely loving the action on display.

It’s great to see a veteran like Brashear still loving the game of hockey and still throwing punches. Brett Gallant isn’t a rookie, either. He made his NHL debut in 2013, playing four games with the New York Islanders, before spending ten years in the minors.

He joined the Laval Petroliers before this season and was praised for how he handled the fight with Brashear.

”Shoutout Brett Gallant.. P4P one of the best hockey fighters out there,” one said.

Overall, fans loved the fight.

”Love how they take the helmets off before the tilt!! Old school is the best,” one said.

”Name a better sport. I’ll wait,” another said.

”Good for him. I hope I still have enough fire in me to want to punch somebody in the face when I’m 52,” a third added.

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