Zach Whitecloud takes cartoonish amount of punishment, sends social media into meltdown

When it comes to hockey, one thing you need to know as a player is that you probably will get hurt. Sometimes that means having teeth flying out of your mouth because of a high stick, and for others getting a hard check at the boards.

If you want to see all the different things that can happen to a player throughout a game, just watch some highlights of Vegas defenseman Zach Whitecloud.

Last night, he gave NHL fans one of the funniest performances in recent years, but it probably ended with Whitecloud having to ice down his entire body.

Just minutes into the game, Whitecloud tried putting in a big hit on Adam Gaudette. But when the Canucks’ forward went down, he instead headed straight into the boards and fell to the ice.

Before the first period was over, Whitecloud also blocked a shot from Alexander Edler, forcing him into the dressing room. But not for long.

The Vancouver Canucks secured a 2-1 win, forcing Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinal series.

With Whitecloud taking a huge hit on himself against the boards and blocking a shot from Edler, you might think that would be it.

But no, there is more.

Later in the game, he went flying after skating into Tyler Motte, and in the third period it was time for some shot blocking again. And if things weren’t bad enough, he ended up with a stick in between his blade as well.

Twitter went mad and someone even created a highlight reel. Talk about a rough game!

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