Zach Hyman was mic’d up when he scored his 50th goal of the season, and it’s the most wholesome video you’ll see this year

It didn’t come as a huge shock that Auston Matthews would be the first player in the NHL to reach 50 goals this season.

But it was even more surprising that the second player to reach the 50-goal mark was Zach Hyman.

Before this season, Hyman had 36 as his best through an NHL campaign, but he’s crushed it over the last couple of months, completely dominating in front of the goal and scoring a lot of important tap-in goals.

Hyman has always been praised for his work ethic and for what a great teammate he is, and when he reached 50, it was a special moment in Edmonton, and you could just see how happy his teammates were for him, and how much it meant for him and the team.

But what was even greater about it, and what fans had no idea about, was that Hyman actually was wearing a microphone during the game.

That meant the Oilers were able to capture everything that was being said just after he reached the milestone, and it added to the perfection of the night.

The Oilers published the video of Hyman’s goal, with the mic’d-up video included, on their X account on Monday, and to no one’s surprise, fans absolutely loved it.

Of course, just like always in the mic’d-up videos, there were a lot of bleeps included in the video, but the main thing was just how incredibly happy Hyman’s teammates were for him.

Perhaps the best moment in the video came when veteran Corey Perry, who scored 50 goals in the 2010-11 season, welcomed him to the 50-goal club. Sam Carrick could be heard saying there was ‘never a fucking doubt.’

It’s things like this we absolutely love to see, when players get the praise they deserve for reaching new heights in hockey. Way to go, Zach!

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