Wild coach yells the exact same thing as two fans at the exact same moment, and we can’t stop watching it

Hockey is in many ways a satisfying sport, but this is perhaps the most unexpected, satisfying moment of the season.

Often, the satisfaction regarding watching hockey is the awesome goals, the slick moves, the great passing plays, or perhaps the goalie’s crazy saves. There’s a lot to like when the world’s best players go up against each other, all done at crazy speed.

But there can even be some satisfying pictures coming from the bench. During last night’s game between Minnesota and the Arizona Coyotes, Wild’s coach Dean Evason wasn’t happy with something happening on the ice.

He yelled out,” what the f**k,” which was caught up by the TV cameras, but that’s not all. Behind him sat two fans, who yelled out the exact same thing at the exact same time. Fans quickly reacted to the coincidence, and you have to say, it’s pretty satisfactory to watch.

” That’s amazing,” says one fan.

” That’s actually crazy,” says another one.

” This is legitimately unbelievable,” says a third one.

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