When Shaquille O’Neal learned the truth about NHL fighting, and immediately wanted to switch sports

Hockey is a unique sport in many ways. Not many can do what NHLers do with skates on at such a high speed. And not many sports are as physical as hockey. Hockey players are nuts, and the pure power they bring to the rink every night is actually insane.

But what makes hockey stand out the most is the fighting. Although fights aren’t as common today as in earlier days, it’s still a huge part of the game, and the fans still love it when the gloves are dropped. And when you think about it, it would be outrageous if NBA players actually started fighting on the court without a referee interfering.

Source: Wikipedia

That’s exactly what Shaquille O’Neal was thinking. Russ Courtnall, former NHLer, once had a chat with NBA legend O’Neal about fighting, and it’s hilarious.

“When I was playing for the LA Kings, I met Shaquille O’Neal, as I was asking for autographs for our charity, and he asked, ‘Let me get this straight. You guys are allowed to fight?’ So I said yes, we are,” Russ said on the Suspendables podcast.

“He asked how many times, and I said,’ Well, after the third time, you’re kicked out.” And he just goes, ‘Holy shit! I love it. I would love to be allowed to fight. I would even start with a couple of my own teammates.”

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