When Ray Emery fought a goalie AND an enforcer in unforgettable line brawl

February 22, 2007, is a night hockey fans will remember, perhaps forever, especially if you’re from Buffalo.

The rivalry between the Sabres and the Ottawa Senators was heated; that night, it all boiled over. The brawl is one of the most unforgettable in NHL history, and at the center of it all were two goalies.

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It all started with Senators forward Chris Neil taking out Sabres forward Chris Dury with a blindside hit. After that, the Sabres goons went out on the ice, and the brawl was on. Senators goaltender Ray Emery was known for his temperament, and when Sabres goaltender Martin Biron skated up the ice and dropped his blocker, Emery just laughed.

After fighting Biron, Emery had to handle enforcer Andrew Peters, who quickly came to his goalie’s rescue.

”I knew fisticuffs were gonna happen, so as soon as the puck dropped I just started to skate and Ray skated to meet me and when he pulled his mask off he had that smile on his face like I was chopped liver. He was gonna beat me up with one hand behind his back and that’s basically what happened,” said Martin Biron.

It was all chaotic and just perfect.

See and remember here:

Fifteen years later, it’s still one of the best brawls we’ve seen.

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