When Mats Sundin cashed up for Tie Domi's crazy dinner check, and got a protector for life

When Mats Sundin cashed up for Tie Domi’s crazy dinner check, and got a protector for life

A lot was going on in Toronto during the 1994-95 season. Then, during the summer, the organization made one of its most spectacular trades. Maple Leafs traded away Wendel Clark, a huge fan favorite, and in return, a young Swede with the name Mats Sundin came.

But, as it turned out, it would be one of the best decisions in Toronto history.
But Toronto also traded for Tie Domi. A different type of player than Sundin, but oh so important. He got signed to be the enforcer of Toronto and be the protector of star players like Sundin.

Sundin and Domi were close on the ice but even closer off the ice, and to this day, they’re still close friends. And it all began in a restaurant that summer.

According to the book” Leafs Abomination,” there was a tradition in the Leafs that when a player became a father for the first time, they had to invite the team out for dinner. And, of course, pay the check. So the team went to a fancy restaurant called Morton’s.

The players ate and drank like no tomorrow, and the check just got heavier and heavier. But nobody cared. It was Domi’s check, and everybody knew. Domi wasn’t the best-paid player on the team, and when the check came, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. 10000 USD, but Domi didn’t have to worry because Mats Sundin had already paid up.

Domi had only one thing to say when the story unfolded: “That’s why nobody’s going to touch him this season.”

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