When Gordie Howe met the one and only Canadian who had zero clue about his profession

When you think of the biggest legends in hockey, many will argue that Gordie Howe is number one.

Howe, or mostly known as “Mr. Hockey,” had a legendary career spanning over 34 years(!), before calling it in 1980. He won four Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings, six Hart Trophies and six Art Ross Trophies.

Gordie Howe passed away in July 2016, but his legendary status both as a person and hockey player will forever live on.

His son Dr Murray Howe released the book “Nine Lessons I Learned from My Father”, and some of the stories really show how great of a guy Gordie Was.

One time, in the early 1990’s, Gordie Howe and his family attended the Wayne Gretzky Charity Tournament in Brantford, Ontario.

Everyone attending the tournament had been all over Howe as the legend he was, and afterwards, he shared a limo ride together with Canadian actor and comedian Mike Myers and his girlfriend Robin.

“He seemed to be the “celeb’s celeb.” Robin was intrigued by my dad’s extraordinary popularity. After a fem minutes of light conversation, she could no longer contain her curiosity”, Murray Howe writes in the book “Nine Lessons I Learner from My Father”

“‘So Mr. Howe, what do you do’? she asked earnestly. Mike’s jaw dropped. Was he dating the only person in Canada who didn’t know who Gordie Howe was?.”

Even though Gordie Howe’s met thousand and thousand of fans, signing autographs and being followed around, he made sure to not embarrass Robin and came up with an awesome answer.

“‘Im a professional caddy’, he said, winking at Mike. ‘Oh,’ Robin smiled, satisfied. Mr. Hockey always left everyone satisfied.

Gordie Howe, what a legend!

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