When a young kid disobeyed Nicklas Lidstrom and completely stole the show before NHL game

If you’re a kid who loves hockey, there can’t be a better feeling than stepping onto the ice at an NHL venue. To see all of the NHL players you usually only see on TV is a dream come true, and to get the opportunity to skate with those players and in front of all those fans, well, we can’t imagine there’s a better feeling.

But there’s a strict schedule if you’re on the ice before the puck drop in an NHL game. Everything is planned down to the last minute.

It’s just not a great time for improvising, and the people in charge easily get stressed out if something’s not going exactly as planned.

But it can be hilarious to see a young kid having the time of their life when they absolutely shouldn’t be. And we’ll give you the perfect example of what we talk about.

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When the Detroit Red Wings played against the Vancouver Canucks at home some years ago, a little kid was on the ice before puck drop. He was supposed to leave the ice as soon as the National Anthem was sung and the players lined up for face off. But he had other plans.

Instead, the young kid took a victory lap around the rink, and he didn’t even listen when Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom tried to tell him that it was time to leave the ice.

Soon after Lidstrom had a word with him, the referee approached him and said the same thing. But he still didn’t listen. Instead, he skated past the teams’ benches and did some high-fives with the players. Eventually, he felt that his time on the ice was over, and with a little help, he got off the ice.

We all love some 15 minutes of fame, and this kid certainly got it.

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