When a young Alex Ovechkin showed the world what a brick wall he is, absorbing massive hit in offensive zone

Alexander Ovechkin truly is a unique player in the world of hockey. Earlier this year, the Russian superstar finally reached 700 goals in the NHL, becoming just the eight player in the history to do so.

But except from the massive amount of goals, and all the silky moves, Ovechkin’s proved time and time again that he can be agonizing to face on the ice. One thing that’s made Ovechkin so successful in the NHL is his massive physique, and he’s never afraid to put his body on the line.

And already as a young player, Ovechkin showed just what a wall he can turn into. Former NHL defenseman Denis Gauthier can attest to that.

Back in 2006, when Ovechkin played in his second NHL season, he brought the puck into the offensive zone. Powerhouse Gauthier skated towards him, ready to put an end to the attack.

Photo: Youtube

But Ovechkin thought otherwise – and absorbed the massive hit, dropping Gauthier to the ice. The video of the amazing effort from Ovechkin recently got posted on Reddit, gaining massive attention.

It astounds me how absolutely tough Ovechkin is for all his skill and agility. Everyone else around him is min-maxing, and he’s just max-maxing (and relaxing all cool)”‚ one user writes.

”He didn’t even brace for it. Just took it it like a snowball hitting a train and carried on”, adds another.

”During his rookie season he was listed as 6’3, 236 pounds. Armed with this information, I believe that he was genetically engineered and grown in a secret soviet lab for the sole purpose of playing hockey”, writes a third.