When a rookie got the nod to play his first game in the NHL and then got a call from Domi, he’d never forget

Tie Domi is one of the most notorious fighters in the NHL. He threw his gloves a whopping 270 times and was never afraid to help a teammate out, even if it meant that he would get hurt.

Luckily, Domi was a pretty good fighter and didn’t get beaten up that often. But another thing that stands out with Domi is how much his teammates respected and liked him.

Everyone that played with Domi loved him, and it’s easy to understand why when you hear something like this from Carlo Colaiacovo. He played almost 500 games in the NHL, and started his career with the Maple Leafs.

”Some of the things Tie did for me… He was a guy that would host team parties, and always wanted the young guys to be involved, and always made sure that everybody was taken care off before he was. But my first NHL game – I remember when given the nod to play, and went back to the hotel I was staying in – and I get a call just as I’m about to hit my pre-game nap. It was Tie Domi, and he asked me if I was playing.”

” I said, ’yeah,’ and he goes, ’man, that’s awesome. I’m so excited for you.’ He then asked me if my family was coming, and I told him I only got two tickets. He goes, ’Call your family, and tell them to come to the game. I’ll give you my box so your whole family can come.’ And his box had 20 tickets with it. I was like, ’Are you serious?’ And he told me he understood it was important, and that he wanted to do that for me.”

Carlo Colaiacovo

”I rounded up my family, and they couldn’t understand it. After that moment, everytime my family saw Tie, they would always make the effort too show their respect, and thank him for what he did.”

”It’s the small things he did, to always make sure the guys around him were taken care off. That’s who he is, and that’s why he is so respected by everybody he played with.”

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