When a Canuck took a dump during team meeting, and John Tortorella lost his mind

John Tortorella is known the be one of the most vocal coaches in National Hockey League history, and he is never afraid to say what’s on his mind. He’s also known for his temper at the bench as well as in the dressing room, and you don’t want to piss off ”Torts” when he’s not in the mood.

Photo: Youtube

Tortorella has coached numerous of teams in the NHL, but when he had the job in Vancouver with the Canucks, it only lasted for a season. But the legendary coach surely left a huge impact. 

Kevin Bieksa played for the Canucks that year, and when he visited Mike Halford and Jason Brough on Sportsnet 650 earlier this week, he shared an amazing story about when Tortorella got mad at a player for pooping.

Suddenly during a team meeting, the toilet got off.

”He’s talking and the automatic sensor goes off and Torts’ was fuming, and he was running back there and asked who’s in there”‚ Bieksa recalled.

”It was Ryan Stanton, who was injured at the time, but he was in the washroom, on the toilet, taking a number two and he said he was sitting there for 15 minutes, and he didn’t want to get up because the automatic sensors would go off. But he was like ’I’m sitting here for 15 minutes, I gotta go!? I got to get out of here. My legs are sore for sitting’. So he tried to sneak away but the sensors go on. Torts runs back there and just lights him up. We’re all dying laughing in the room”

Photo: Youtube

What’s even more funny? A week later, it happened again. Team meeting, toilet goes off, Torts stormed back.

”But it was Henrik Sedans son Walter. He was probably only 8 at the time, and Torts comes in firing, and he was like ’Sorry! Sorry!’. It was entertaining year”.