Wes McCauley is back at it, delivering the most legendary fighting call on hot mic

Wes McCauley is a true legend of the game. It’s not often that referees become fan favorites, but McCauley is impossible to like, and no matter which team you support, it’s always safe and sound to know that McCauley is officiating a game.

Wes McCauley isn’t just a great referee who rarely has a bad day and rarely makes a bad call. He’s known for making the most dramatic calls in his hot mic, and it’s hilarious every time. McCauley is an entertainer as much as he’s a referee, and every time he’s mic’d up, it’s content gold.

Nobody in the league has a bad word to say about him, and it’s also why he’s officiated every Stanley Cup Final (except two, when he was injured or sick) since 2013. You just know that McCauley is there with his whistle when hockey’s biggest games are to be played.

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Wes McCauley is now, just like all the teams in the NHL, getting ready for the most important part of the season as playoffs are edging closer. And on Tuesday, he was back at it with yet another legendary call on the hot mic.

During the New York Islanders and Minnesota Wild matchup, Ryan Reaves and Ross Johnston dropped the gloves just two minutes into the game.

When Wes McCauley announced the penalty calls to the crowd, he did it in the most awesome way.

Wes McCauley is truly back at it. What a legend!

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