Wayne Simmonds spends a day with Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, the victim of racist bullying

The Boston Bruins decided to sign Mitchell Miller in November. It sparked a massive backlash from players and fans, and they parted ways with the player just days later.

Mitchell Miller was a fourth-round selection of the Arizona Coyotes in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft. In 2016, Miller was convicted of assaulting and bullying a classmate with mental disabilities. NHL teams knew about Miller’s past and passed on him during the draft.

Boston Bruins was criticized heavily for their decision to offer Miller a contract. Even NHL commissioner Gary Bettman weighed in, saying Miller wouldn’t be eligible to play in the league. 

 Isaiah Meyer-Crothers was the victim of Miller’s racist bullying. Miller pleaded guilty to one count of assault and one cunt of violation of the Ohio Safe Schools Act. The stories of how Miller and a classmate treated Meyer-Crothers were just heartbreaking. They made him eat a candy push pop after wiping it in a bathroom urinal and kicked and punched him. According to Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, the abuse went on for years. 

In a statement released by the Hockey Diversity Alliance, Meyer-Crothers expressed his disappointment in Miller getting signed. 

”Mitchell used to ask me to sit with him on the bus and then he and his friends would punch me in the head,” Meyer-Crothers said. “This happened my whole time in school.

“When I went to junior high Mitchell would spit in my face and call me a ‘N word.’ I stopped telling because they called me a snitch and I would get made fun of.”

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Isaiah Meyer-Crothers has received enormous support and love from hockey fans and players. And yesterday, something really special happened.

The mother of Isaiah, Joni Meyer-Crothers, posted a picture on Twitter of Isaiah together with Wayne Simmonds. 

”Isaiah got to spend the evening with Wayne Simmonds. Tomorrow he will be going to the Maple Leafs/Red Wings game. Happy 21st Bday Buddy!” She wrote.

In the comment section, everyone wishes Isaiah a happy birthday.

”That’s awesome!! Happy birthday Isaiah!” One said.

”Sorry for everything you have gone through Isaiah. Thank you Wayne for showing everyone how pro athletes should act! You are an amazing role model,” another said.

”Absolutely love this. Happy birthday buddy!” A third added.

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