Wayne Gretzky’s insane pass which proves he is from another planet

No one could do backhand passes like Wayne Gretzky, especially since he often did it when the opponents least expected it. A perfect example is this video, when “The Great One” stunned everyone.

Throughout his career, Wayne Gretzky made 1 963 assists in the NHL. That is one of the reasons why it is impossible to actually rank them in a particular order. But some of the passes “The Great One” made were a little bit more advanced than others. Like this one.

Extraordinary pass

One of Gretzkys finest qualities were seeing things already before it happened. Often times the opponents didn’t know what was going on before it was too late – and when he did it without even looking in the right direction it was already over. His teammates often knew what he was up to, and like in the clip down below Jari Kurri was one of them.

It is hard to describe how tricky these kind of passes actually are. But just by looking at it, we can all agree that Wayne Gretzky was someone extraordinary.

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Watch Gretzky’s insane blind pass here: