Wayne Gretzky’s brilliant five-word response to comedian calling him the second-greatest player of all time

Who’s the best player in hockey history? According to many, many, many people, it’s, without a doubt, Wayne Gretzky.

He’s known as The Great One, and the absolute GOAT of hockey, and his records and statistics prove how dominant he was during his many years in the league.

But according to Wayne Gretzky himself, there’s been players that have been better than him. Gretzky believes Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe are ”the greatest players ever,” He always speaks incredibly well of, especially Orr.

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Bobby Orr was a once-in-a-lifetime defenseman, but unfortunately, injuries derailed his fantastic career. He only played 657 games, but he had 915 career points, the 11th most by a D-man in NHL history.

Orr’s numbers are impressive and crazy. That high points-per-game for a defenseman, and who knows how crazy his points count would be if injuries didn’t cut his career short.

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Bobby Orr played most of his NHL games with the Boston Bruins, and if you’re talking about a Bruins fan, chances are that they’ll be naming Orr as the greatest of all time. And Gretzky is totally fine with it.

Last week, Gretzky suggested that the NHL should introduce a Bobby Orr Trophy, presented to the NHL’s best offensive defenseman. When The Athletic wrote an article about it, they shared an awesome story about when Gretzky met with Lenny Clarke, an actor/comedian raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“This was back when Doug Flutie was playing quarterback for the Argonauts, and I wanted to see him play,” Clarke told The Athletic.

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When Clarke shook Gretzky’s hand, he just had to say something about his admiration for Orr.

“It’s a pleasure to meet the second-greatest hockey player of all time,” Clarke said.

Wayne Gretzky didn’t mind what Clarke said, however, as he had the best response:

“You must be from Boston,” Gretzky said.

Clarke is impressed with how well Gretzky responded to what he said.

“We had quite a laugh over that. He handled it great.”

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