Wayne Gretzky on why he hated playing against the Edmonton Oilers, says he just never got over it

Wayne Gretzky is the GOAT, and there weren’t many things he couldn’t do. He was the best at scoring goals and setting up his teammates, and nobody in NHL history has scored as many points as he did.

Nobody will probably beat most of his incredible records, and he completely changed how hockey is played. Gretzky was an outrageous talent who managed to exceed all expectations in the league.

Wayne Gretzky is most known for his years with the Edmonton Oilers. He played his first NHL game with the organization in 1979 and didn’t leave until 1988, in a move to LA Kings that shocked the NHL and the world of sports.

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Gretzky had some fantastic years with the LA Kings if you just look at how many points he scored. Gretzky also played 18 games for the St. Louis Blues and three seasons with the New York Rangers.

And there was one thing Gretzky absolutely hated when playing for teams other than the Edmonton Oilers. And that’s playing against the Edmonton Oilers.

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In an interview on ”In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” he revealed that he hated playing in Edmonton as an opponent to the Oilers.

”Listen, the first game I went back was so difficult. For one because, first and formost, the guys in that team. We won championships together, we were best friends, we saw our families grow together, our parents were all best friends,” Gretzky said.

”Secondly, Edmonton is different than most cities. It’s not a big, huge city. So 90 percent of the games, it was the same people sitting in the same seats. I could look across the ice and see the same four people sitting there for almost 35-40 games. So it became like friends, and not just fans. And they treated me well. I like to think I played hard for them, so it was a two-way street.”

”So going in there, I knew it was going to be one of the hardest things I ever did. So the first game was relatively easy. It was nice, because it was a lot of niceties with that first time back.”

”After that, for me, it was the hardest place I ever played in. I hated it. I never liked it. I never got over it. From the first game to the last game, the last shift I played there, I just was never comfortable at ever being an opponent playing in Edmonton.”

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