Wayne Gretzky made the worst prediction ever on the second round of the playoff; it’s actually crazy

Wayne Gretzky is the greatest player of all time, but as an analyst, he’s not having such an easy time. Wayne Gretzky won the Cup 4 times and was a coach after ending his playing career, but is now gaining a lot of praise for his work as an analyst for TNT.

As the playoff started this spring, Gretzky was told to predict every first-round playoff series and which team he believed would win the cup. His answer surprised many.

“I think Carolina Hurricanes is a sleeper team, and I think they’re destined to get to the Stanley Cup Finals this year. I believe that it will be Carolina triumphing over the Florida Panthers in the Eastern Conference Final,” he said.

“My pick to win the Stanley Cup this year is the Carolina Hurricanes. It’s going to be fast, far hitting tremendous hockey with both teams leaving everything out on the ice. So I challenge you to beat my bracket!”

And his bracket started surprisingly precise. After the first-round series, Gretzky had precited eight series correct. He had the accurate teams advance to the second round, but then, things got ugly.

After a fantastic prediction in the first round, the second round was a disaster. Gretzky predicted every single second-round series wrong. He predicted St. Louis would beat Colorado and that the Flames would beat his former club Edmonton.

He also thought that Florida would advance and play Carolina, which he thought would win the cup in a final against St. Louis.

But how wrong he was. He may be the absolute goat in playing, but Gretzky has a lot to learn about betting.

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