Wayne Gretzky had the most unusual nickname in the dressing room, and the story behind it is so wholesome

Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player of all time, and many of his records will never be beaten. He scored 894 goals and a total of 2857 points, and he is the only player to have his number, 99, retired by the NHL. Nobody will ever wear 99 again, and nobody will probably ever dominate the league as Wayne did for so many years.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Being so superior, Gretzky got the nickname ”The Great One,” and it’s still what people call him. But during his active years, he had a completely different nickname in the dressing room. His teammates didn’t call him The Great One, and they often didn’t even call him Wayne. Instead, they went with Mr. Douglas.

”I probably had more nicknames than any athlete ever,” Wayne said on TNT’s The Steam Room.

”So in the locker room I was called Mr. Douglas, because I used to check in under my middle name in all the hotels. So all my teammates thought it was funny, so they called me Mr. Douglas.”

But Gretzky also had a unique nickname just from Mark Messier.
”He would always call me Mr. Waynederful, which I thought was a cool name.”

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