Wayne Gretzky can’t resist the urge and suddenly burns Bissonnette on TNT, leaving him speechless

The NHL season is only a few weeks old, and there is already talk that TNT’s broadcasts are an enormous success. The big difference between TNT and NBC is, according to the audience, that there’s now much more laughter and more entertainment.

Of course, TNT has not removed insights and statistics, but it’s evident to everyone that there’s way more laughing and chirping than during the old NBC broadcast. 

It will undoubtedly be even better when the panel becomes more interplayed. But even now, it’s noticeable that the experts get along well, even if they don’t have the same experience or background. 

For example, Wayne Gretzky and Paul “Biznasty” Bissonnette did not have much in common as hockey players, but they complement each other very well on tv. 

We especially like that The Great One has already started chirping “Biznasty” from time to time. Bissonette has had trouble keeping his comments short, and yesterday TNT jokingly introduced a 20-second clock. 

That caused Gretzky to deliver this epic burn: