Tyler Seguin ruins fans game with unexpected prank

“Way to go, Tyler!”

I think it’s evident that Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin likes to joke around. His goofy side was visible after he played a savage prank on a fan before last night’s contest in Calgary.

It’s normal to see many fans huddled around the glass during warmups. You can get a closer look at the players and even have a chance to get a puck or interact with some of the roster. Last night, a fan in Calgary got more than just an interaction with one of the Stars’ assistant captains.

Seguin is known for zeroing on offensive plays, but last night he used his sights to play a prank on a fan who was rinkside.

Seguin noticed a fan’s beer resting up against the boards and saw an opportunity to strike. For most likely his own amusement, Seguin skated into the boards with some force and banged into the glass. It resulted in the beer being knocked to the ground. It’s definitely a savage prank to play before the game.

Beer prices at games are no joke. To Seguin, the price of one beer is a drop in the bucket. To a fan, they are out probably more than $10. Judging by Seguin’s smile, I don’t think he minds.

It would have been unfortunate then, but in a day or two, it’ll be laughed about and a great story for someone who was rinkside for the game.

To make matters worse, the Stars would go on to defeat the Flames 4-3 in Overtime.