That time when Vinny Lecavalier challenged Zdeno Chara and fought for his life

Vinny Lecavalier may not be known for his fighting ability, but that doesn’t mean he was shy from dropping the gloves. The former Tampa Bay Lightning Captain spent 18 seasons in the NHL and if the time came that Lecavalier needed to step up for his team by dropping the mitts, you would certainly see his gloves on the ice.

In a contest against the Ottawa Senators on December 4th, 2003, we once again saw Vincent Lecavalier stick up for his teammate. Unfortunately for Lecavalier, it was against the giant known as Zdeno Chara.

Chara dropped Brad Lukowich behind the Senators goal. In came flying “Vinny” to try and take down the giant. Lecavalier threw his elbow into Chara which Zdeno obviously didn’t like.

Chara skated in front of his net, found Lecavalier and the rest was history.

Chara easily took care of Lecavalier, but you need to give credit to the Tampa legend. No one would really love to fight Chara and it didn’t seem like he was looking for a fight. Lecavalier was just trying to stick up for his teammate.

He took a few good hands from Chara, but sometimes that’s your calling as a teammate.

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