That time when Alex Ovechkin totally destroyed Jaromir Jagr

Alexander Ovechkin are mostly known for his fantastic skills on the ice. But he can also tackle, just ask Jaromir Jagr.

When Alexander Ovechkin and Jaromir Jagr step on the ice, you can pretty much expect magic. Jagr has been a world-class talent for decades, while Ovechkin is one of the NHL’s best snipers.

During the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, Ovi’s Team Russia squared off against the Czech Republic and Jaromir Jagr.

In the third period, Czech Republic trailed Russia 2-1 and Jagr was looking to make a game-changing play. Skating through the neutral zone with the puck, Ovechkin had Jagr in his cross-hairs. Jagr circled around the neutral zone, and to the left side, he saw Russian defenders and no entry into the offensive zone. Jagr opted to quickly pull an audible, cutting to the right. He was met by Alex Ovechkin’s body as the Russian Forward dropped the Czech Republican Veteran.

“Best hit of his life”

Jagr commented on the hit, saying it was a “good hit…I went to make a move and it was my mistake, a bad decision (to cut to the right side.) If I had known that was gonna happen I would have done something else.” In an interview with Graham Bensinger, Ovechkin commented on the hit as well, saying “it was the best hit of his life.”

All in all, it was a clean hockey play. We could only hope that next time they hit each other they fuse into one unstoppable force.

Russia went on to win the game 4-2. Ovechkin tallied 2 assists and Jagr had two shots on goal.

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