The special feature on Henrik Lundqvist’s brand-new sports car that made his teammates laugh so hard, he had to return it

Nowadays, Henrik Lundqvist is retired and a well-liked analyst on TV, but his fantastic deed for the New York Rangers will never be forgotten. For 15 years, he was one of the best goalies in the world and the face of the Rangers organization.

To say that Lundqvist was a fan favorite would be an understatement, and it earned him the nickname ”The King.”

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Henrik Lundqvist wasn’t just a skilled goalkeeper. He was a leader and a role model for everyone in the Rangers’ locker room. Everyone who played with him says the same thing about how important Lundqvist was to the atmosphere of the team.

Of course, there will be some pranks and shenanigans in any great team. And Lundqvist has been a part of some as well.

Former Ranger Brian Boyle, who played in New York from 2009 to 2014, told an awesome story about when Lundqvist bought a brand new Lamborghini, but something was off with it.

”Hanky got a Lamborghini, and he had it detailed,” Boyle said in The Blue Crew podcast.

”He says he didn’t tell the guy to do this, but he shows up, and you Lamborghini, their cursive on the back. But we go into practice, and someone saw what it said, and had to do a double take, because it doesn’t say Lamborghini. It says Lundqvist.”

Source: Bildbyran

Of course, the guys in the team had to make fun of King Henrik.

”Out comes the white hockey tape, and we’re putting it on everyone’s car, and we’re writing, in big letters, our names. We’re just beeping at Hank, pointing to our names.”

Lundqvist, however, didn’t find it that amusing.

”He comes in the next day, and he’s like, ’How come everyone picks on me?’ We’re like, ’Shut up!’ And then, two days later, it said Lamborghini on the back of his car.

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