The playoff Connor McDavid doesn’t hold back at all, absolutely smokes Andrew Cogliano with fantastic hit

Connor McDavid has taken his A-game to this year’s playoff, and he’s involved in just about everything offensive for the Oilers. He’s a goalscoring machine, and he’s put up numbers for the history books during this year’s playoff.

But it’s not just the goals and assists that made McDavid stand up. He’s also brought some physical presence with him, and when he plays like that, he’s even more intimidating to his opponents.

During last night’s Game 2 of the Western Conference final, McDavid showed what an excellent hitter he is. Usually, during the regular season, McDavid tries to stay away from handing out massive hits.

But this is the playoffs, and we’re seeing a different McDavid. During the 1st period of last night’s game, McDavid saw a golden opportunity to absolutely smoke Andrew Cogliano. And so he did.

The hit was as clean as it gets and sent Cogliano flying and crashing hard on the ice. To protect himself from the hit, Cogliano raised his elbow, and it hit McDavid in the face. McDavid played the entire game but didn’t manage to score, as the Avalanche won 4-0. The Oilers now trail the series 2-0, as it’s headed to Edmonton for Games 3 and 4.

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