The humble Connor McDavid suddenly turns cocky, praising himself after reporters question

The Connor McDavid show was once again on, as the Edmonton Oilers beat the Tampa Bay Lightning this weekend. McDavid scored twice, with one goal being a rare sight in the NHL.
Victor Hedman is considered one of the best D-Men’s in the league, and not many players who can get past him.

But Connor McDavid isn’t a regular player. The Canadian superstar stripped a puck and danced around Hedman at full speed before putting it into the net past Elliott in goal.

Afterward, Connor McDavid took the opportunity to praise himself. He’s known to be a humble guy but couldn’t keep himself from it in the post-game interview. The reporter stated that McDavid doesn’t seem to care who the defender he’s coming up against is, and McDavid then quickly replied.
” You know, I’m a pretty good player too, so I feel alright taking good players on and try to make a play.”

The Edmonton Oilers won the game, 4-1, and Connor McDavid has now scored 32 goals, and 83 points, in 58 games. Only the Florida Panthers’ Jonathan Huberdeau has put up as many points this season.

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