The awesome reason Tie Domi knocked out his own front teeth on purpose, against his bike’s handlebars

Tie Domi’s NHL career spanned 16 seasons with the Winnipeg Jets, New York Rangers, and most famously, the Toronto Maple Leafs. And everywhere Domi went, he was a beloved teammate and an extremely respected enforcer.

Tie Domi was a grinder, someone who never gave up and always gave his all. He always looked out for his teammates, and if someone did them any harm on the ice, you could bet on Domi being there immediately to handle it.

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He’s the all-time penalty leader for the Toronto Maple Leafs, where he mostly had the role as a protector for Mats Sundin. And he did it great.

To this day, Domi and Sundin are close friends, and a lifelong friendship started during their time in Toronto. That’s just what Domi did and the effect he had on people.

And his legacy as a feared and respected enforcer started already at a young age. As a kid growing up loving hockey, Domi idolized one specific player: The Philadelphia Flyers’ Bobby Clarke.

He’s a legendary NHL captain, who scored an incredible amount of goals and points, but who also played with grid.

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He never quit, he always gave it all, and Domi loved him for it.

As a kid, Domi wanted to be just like Clarke, so he made a drastic decision. He knocked out his two front teeth to look more like his idol. Even more shocking, he did it by smashing them on his bike’s handlebars.

Talk about dedication!

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