That time Bobby Orr and Pat Quinn threw haymakers in a crazy fight

It’s no secret that Pat Quinn and Bobby Orr are two legends in the sport. The two hockey ambassadors have done great things for the sport, and they even fought one another during a game!

Actually, the pair fought twice over their hockey careers, and judging by this captured fight, the two knew how to throw some haymakers.

In a classic BostonToronto game, Orr and Quinn went right after each other and the fists didn’t stop when they fell to the ice.

Punches were thrown at an incredible pace and the two were just adding fuel to the fire of this great rivalry.

Quinn and Orr had a history in the game which included Quinn catching Orr with a high-elbow, one that Don Cherry deemed worthy of a 40 game suspension.

In the history of the sport, this fight was just another glimpse into old time hockey. The two Canadians were starting out their careers at the time in the NHL, although Orr was younger than Quinn.

Orr would go on to win 8 Norris’, 3 Hart’s and 2 Art Ross trophies, while Quinn would win two Jack Adams for the league’s top coach, as well gold medals at the Olympic and Junior levels.