That time a laughing Tie Domi got his one and only chance in a shootout and raised the roof in Toronto

If you mention the word enforcer, Tie Domi might be the first thing that pops into your head. He was a complete goon on the ice, and there wasn’t any limit on what he’d do to get his team going or to protect one of his teammates.

When Tie Domi retired, he did it as one of the best enforcers the league has ever seen. He put up 3,515 penalty minutes and played over 1000 games.

Domi is an NHL legend but is mostly renowned for his years in Toronto, where his primary mission was to protect Mats Sundin.

Domi didn’t make his mark with nice dekes or goals. But he was a beloved teammate and a huge fan favorite. And that’s also why everyone was ecstatic when he got the opportunity to score in a shootout for the first time in his career.

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In 2005, the shootout format was new, and following a preseason game between the Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres, the teams thought they’d try it out. Toronto coach Pat Quinn wanted to have some fun and put Tie Domi on the ice.

Domi laughed as he jumped out off the bench, and when Domi skated towards the goal, the crowd went bananas.

There was no hiding that Domi wasn’t used to shootouts, but somehow, he managed to get the puck in the goal. And the unusual goal made the fans raise their roof.

Although it was a preseason game, it was a goal the Toronto fans would cherish forever, and just such a wholesome moment in NHL. You love to see it.

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