Tampa coach Jon Cooper stares down reporter following hilarious question during mid-game interview

It sure looked like the Tampa Bay Lightning would tie the series 2-2 before heading back to Toronto for Game 5 in the first-round series of the playoffs. The Tampa Bay Lightning started Game 4 brilliantly, and heading into the third period, they were up 4-1.

The Lightning had never blown a three-goal lead in the third period in the playoffs, but Toronto made a remarkable turnaround. With three unanswered goals, they tied the game, and in overtime, they decided the game with a goal from Alexander Kerfoot.

It was a shock because the Lightning really looked like they had things under control. They seemed solid, and head coach Jon Cooper was in a great mood when hockey analyst Darren Pang interviewed him.

In the final moments of the second period, Cooper got the chance to talk about how the game was unfolding, and he wasn’t too impressed with his opponents.

“You know, we’re four and a half minutes left in the period they got three shots and they had a power play. If we can continue to do that and win our battles will be alright,” Cooper said.

Darren Pang then decided to joke some with Cooper.
”Are you saying I can be in net then?” He said.

Cooper had the most hilarious response to it. He decided not to say anything and instead just stared Pang down. Pang decided to end the interview:
”I’ll leave it at that,” he said.

It’s not the first time Jon Cooper and Darren Pang have had a hilarious interview on the bench, but to joke around like this during the playoffs is something else.

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