Steve Simmons takes another swings at Toronto Maple Leafs, rips GM Kyle Dubas

Veteran Toronto Maple Leafs reporter Steve Simmons has been in the spotlight many times over the years. But not necessarily following words of love.

Earlier this summer, Simmons outed Auston Matthews as the Leaf player that had testet positive for COVID-19. The report was published after the organisation made it public that an “unnamed player” had received a positive test.

Auston Matthews

Simmons revealed who the player was. During a post-season press conference, Matthews responded, letting the reporter know what he thought of his actions.

“I just wanted to say I didn’t really appreciate the article you wrote about me a couple months ago. I thought it was a bit unethical to be honest,” Matthews said.

Now Simmonds is back at it again, taking swings at the Maple Leafs and especially GM Kyle Dubas.

On Twitter, Simmonds decided to out the number of votes Dubas got for the ‘GM of the Year’ award.

Time will tell if Kyle Dubas will respond to this or not.

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