Spencer Martin’s hilarious move after Connor Bedard stared him down following goal goes viral, fans absolutely loved it

Connor Bedard was out injured from Jan. 5 to Feb. 15 but still leads the rookies in points in his first-ever NHL season.

Bedard has been one of the few positives for the Blackhawks this season, and since returning from his time of absence, which was forced because of a broken jaw, Bedard has picked up right where he left off.

Bedard had an assist in his first game in over a month against Pittsburgh, topped that off with a goal and assist against the Senators, and was absolutely brilliant against the Carolina Hurricanes on Monday.

Although Bedard has just returned from injury, he doesn’t lack confidence and even found himself trading jabs with Hurricanes goalie Spencer Martin.

Bedard had zero shots on goal heading into the third period, but Martin seemed to have poked the bear at the end of the second period.

As Bedard battled in front of the net, Canes’ Dmitry Orlov pushed Bedard into Martin, who went furious. After the play, Martin skated over to Bedard and gave him a whack. Bedard returned the favor before officials stepped in and separated them.

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In the third period, Bedard scored against Martin, and instead of celebrating, he stared down the goalie.

Martin responded by hilariously pointing at the scoreboard, which showed that the Canes still had a 5-2 lead.

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It was a hilarious chirping segment between the players, but Bedard’s goal was overturned shortly after due to an offside challenge.

Bedard scored shortly after, and this time, it counted. Bedard had another assist in the third period, capping off a three-point night in the Hawks’ 6-3 loss.

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