Someone hilariously pranked Seth Jarvis for his 100th NHL game; can you tell what’s wrong with his jersey?

What a Tuesday night it was for Seth Jarvis. They put their five-game win streak on the line and got started just 20 seconds into the game against the New Jersey Devils.

Seth Jarvis had the puck in the corner, and a great feed gave Jesperi Kotkaniemi an opportunity he couldn’t miss. The early goal set the tone for the rest of the game, and the Devils could never get back. After two periods, Canes were up 3-0, and the game ended 4-1.

The Hurricanes, therefore, move to a 20-6-6 record and are now in first place in the Metropolitan Division. It was smiles all around, but especially for Seth Jarvis.

To play 100 games in the NHL is a huge mark and one to celebrate. But, as it turned out, Jarvis had no idea he would reach the three-digit mark in games played when he arrived at the arena. But eventually, he learned.

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The Hurricanes, of course, wanted to do something a little extra for him, so they took his jersey and turned the Hurricanes’ logo upside down. Fans were initially confused but realized it was a special night for Jarvis. 

”That took me a minute but holy shit lmao,” one fan said.

”I was dying when I saw that. Pretty funny biff by someone and it’s funnier that it happened to Jarvis,” another said.

Some were hesitant that it had anything to do with his 100th game, suggesting that it just was an error from the equipment manager. But one fan spilled the news.

”He was wearing the right one during warmups.. so it got swapped on purpose,” the fan said.

Seth Jarvis has produced 56 points in his 100 games played in the NHL. With that, he’s third in points by any player from the 2020 draft class through their first 100 games, only beaten by Ottawa’s Tim Stützle and Detroit’s Lucas Raymond.

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