Someone actually calculated the insane amount of hot dogs Wayne Gretzky ate throughout his career

We can probably agree on the fact that Wayne Gretzky has some of the most impressive stats the NHL, and the world of sports, has ever seen.

He spent 20 seasons in the NHL rewriting record books over and over again, and some of them are just insane.

He had three consecutive seasons putting up more than 200 points, won the most number of Hart Trophies (9) and Art Ross (10).

But wait, there is more, except of course the fact that “The Great One” has most career points, assists and goals.

During the 1983-84 season, Gretzky had a 51-game point streak, totaling an astounding 61 goals, 92 assists, and 153 points Just the other day, it was 36 years ago that Wayne Gretzky scored his 900th career point in the NHL. He did it in his 385th game.

There are plenty of more records to talk about. However, now is the time to look at some stats that might cheer you up a notch.

Reddit user Josephsmolinski decided to do the math on how many hot dogs Wayne Gretzky ate throughout his career.

“Wayne himself stated that he crushed four dogs every game, which is what I will use as the baseline for these stats. Included in the total dogs eaten stat is the night where he ordered 48 steamed and toasted dogs in Montreal,” the user wrote.

Based on the stats, Wayne Gretzky averaged 341.7 hot dogs each year.

In the NHL, during the regular season, Wayne Gretzky ate:

  • 8.08 hot dogs per goal
  • 3.68 hot dogs per assist
  • 2.52 hot dogs per point

According to the Reddit users calculation, Wayne Gretzky ate this many hot dogs per team he represented.

  • Edmonton Oilers – 2784
  • Los Angeles Kings – 2156
  • New York Rangers – 936
  • St. Louis Blues – 72

In total, Wayne Gretzky ate an astounding 7 224 hot dogs, a total of 2 167 2000 calories. That includes mustard and onions, as well.

Look at all the stats down below. Enjoy!

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