Sidney Crosby tries to chirp Ovechkin but gets totally owned

The rivalry between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin is fierce. The two added another chapter to their rivalry book last evening.

You knew exactly what type of game it was going to be when Tom Wilson and Jamie Oleksiak dropped the mitts a minute into the game. Pittsburgh vs. Washington games are always tense and emotional. Last night was no different.

It only took 55 seconds for Crosby and Ovechkin to start jawing at one another. With tension already high, Crosby and Ovi began exchanging words and a couple of curse words along the way.

Crosby asks Ovi, “Why don’t you find him?” in reference to the member of the Penguins Ovechkin was yelling at. Ovechkin has a sweet response, saying, “Why don’t you fight me?” coupled with some curse words. Pierre McGuire was in the middle of the verbal altercation and was loving every minute of it.

Crosby ended the game with the gloves still on his hands, but Ovechkin dropped the mitts with Kris Letang. The Penguins would go on to snap the Capitals’ five-game winning streak with a 2-1 victory.

After the game, Crosby suggested that Ovi should have received an instigator for his part in the chirping.

Pittsburgh and Washington will meet for the final time this season in March.