Seguin wins ‘last one off the ice battle’ with Scheifele after sneaky move

It’s a known fact that hockey players are superstitious. Their rituals are engrained into their routine and no game day is complete without following proper procedures.

Last night in the Dallas Stars and Winnipeg Jets contest, Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele showed the world one of their superstitions: getting off the ice last during warmups.

The only issue with both players having this superstition is that only one player can actually fulfill it. Eventually, one player will have to leave the ice first (unless agreed upon prior to the game or during warmups).

Since Seguin and his Stars were visiting Scheifele in Winnipeg, it seems only right that Seguin would leave the ice first. It’s the right thing to do. It appeared as if Seguin went down without a fight, leaving the ice with no commotion and accepting the fact that he would not be the last player on the ice.

As Scheifele was declared the winner, Seguin pulled a switcharoo.

Seguin was up to his old shenanigans and went back on the ice for a quick twirl on the ice. It’s cheating, but he was technically the last player off the ice.

Seguin’s trickery didn’t help much as the Jets easily dropped Dallas, 5-1.