Rob Ray takes puck to the face, wipes the blood away and continues the broadcast without issue: ”All good”

Rob Ray takes puck to the face, wipes the blood away and continues the broadcast without issue: ”All good”

Rob Ray is a Buffalo Sabres cult hero.

He was a great enforcer, and to this day, he holds the Sabres record for the most penalty minutes, with 3,189 minutes.

Ray played 14 of his 15 NHL seasons with the Sabres, and in 2012, the now 55-year-old Ray joined the team’s broadcast.

Although it has been a long time since he retired and despite all the years since he earned himself a reputation as an enforcer on the ice, he hasn’t lost his toughness.

The Sabres color analyst was involved in a rather unusual incident during Monday’s game. In the third period of the game between the Buffalo Sabres and Arizona Coyotes, Ray took a puck right between the eyes.

Play was stopped, and Ray got a towel from the officials to stop the bleeding and some help from the doctors on the bench, but he didn’t even think twice about continuing the broadcast.

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Ray, still with his headset on, kept talking on the broadcast as he wiped up the blood. He also said to his colleagues, ‘All good!’

For the rest of the game and the broadcast, Ray, without even mentioning it, wore a bandage between his eyes.

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On social media, everyone absolutely loved to see an old enforcer still being tough as nails.

”Rob Ray is a monster. Puck between the eyes and he stays in the game,” one social media user said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

”Still has the headset on, what a beast,” another said.

”Glad to see Ray still getting into the action,” a third added.

”Rob Ray still finding ways to bleed at hockey games lol,” a fourth said.

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Rob Ray retired as being ranked 6th overall in NHL history in penalty minutes, with his 3,207. Since 2012, he’s worked as an intermission, sideline, and post-game reporter for games on the Sabres Hockey Network.

This is what hockey is all about! What a guy.

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