Rickard Rakell forced to leave game after massive hit to the head, as the officials changed their minds on the call

The hit came late in the first period of Game 1 between the Penguins and the Rangers. Rachel tried to get into the offensive zone along with the board as Ryan Lindgren approached, and with a massive hit against the head, Rackell fell to the ice.

The Swede was clearly in bad shape as he didn’t get up, and Sidney Crosby had to skate to help him get up. With help from the Pens captain and team doctors, he got off the ice, but he had trouble keeping balance and didn’t return to play.

Ryan Lindgren originally got a five-minute major penalty, but after a chat between the referees, the call was dropped down to a two-minute minor for roughing.

After the hit, Lindgren was also in pain and missed all of the second period but was back for the third and played all three overtimes.

 Some now think that Lindgren should face discipline for the questionable hit on Rakell, and on the Pens bench, coach Mike Sullivan was furious when the officials changed their decision.

“I did receive an explanation, I’m not going to share it publicly,” Mike Sullivan said. “But I guess in their view, they didn’t think it was a major.”

What do you think? Do you agree with the call on the ice, or was it suspension worthy from Lindgren?

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