Ref sent so many players to the penalty box, he didn’t even have the time to list them on hot mic

The Battle of Alberta just keeps on giving, and last night, the Edmonton Oilers won their second straight game, taking down the Flames 2-1 to give them a 2-1 series lead. But afterward, most of the talking was about Milan Lucic, Mike Smith, and the huge scrum that followed.

In the middle of the third period, Mike Smith had the puck behind his own net as Milan Lucic went for the fore-checking. But instead of slowing down when Smith turned, he crashed right into the goalie, and a huge scrum broke out.

Lucic was handed a five-minute major when things calmed down, and he was thrown out of the game. But he wasn’t the only one punished by the officials. Of course, the Edmonton Oilers’ players came to their goalie’s defense, and several players were involved in the following scrum.

A total of seven players–including Matthew Tkachuk, who sat off Milan Lucic’s penalty–were sent to the penalty box, and as the referee was announcing the calls on the hot mic, he didn’t even have time to list them all.

Instead, he simply declared Lucic’s five-minute major and said, “Everybody else sitting in the penalty box gets two minutes for roughing.”

That’s what the Battle of Alberta is all about!

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