Ref Chris Rooney stunned Panthers player with hilarious chirp following the 6th longest game in NHL history

The NHL playoffs have been amazing this year, with huge upsets, a lot of entertaining games with many goals—and one game for the history books, with how long it was.

The upsets started already in the first round when the Florida Panthers eliminated the first-seeded Boston Bruins. The Panthers got the nickname Comeback Cats, and since, they’ve kept on dominating, and they’re now in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Florida Panthers swept the Carolina Hurricanes in the Eastern Conference Final, and Game 1 produced one of the longest games in league history. Matthew Tkachuk decided the game in the fourth overtime, in the 6th longest game ever.

Defenseman Brandon Montour played a whopping 57:56 that night, and apparently, referee Chris Rooney took notice of that.

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During one of the games later in the series, Rooney talked to Montour during a break in the game. In a hilarious clip posted by the NHL on TikTok, Rooney was heard chirping Montour about his time on the ice.

”Hey, I was reading you played 57 minutes the other day, huh?” He said.

He then proceeded to say, ”I do 60 every night. Just saying, just saying.”

Brandon Montour had a sweet response as well.

”You’re skating pretty fast, too,” he said.

The video sequence has been making the round on social media, with fans absolutely loving it. We always love when referees are chirping star players; of course, Wes McCauley is the best at it. Over the years, he produced some fantastic and unforgettable moments and hilarious chirps—but now, it seems like Chris Rooney is doing it perfectly.

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