Radko Gudas sends Brendan Lemieux flying with a perfect old-school hip-check; the response was absolutely perfect

Radko Gudas is one of the best physical players in the NHL. He always brings a huge physical presence every time he’s on the ice, and if you’re not careful, he will take advantage of it and lay a huge hit.

The NHL season is only a few games old, but we’ve already seen some massive hits being laid at the beginning of the campaign.

Last week, Buffalo Sabres’ Rasmus Dahlin sent Filip Chytil flying with a massive hip-check, and on Sunday, it was time for Gudas to do the same; this time, it was perhaps even more beautiful than Dahlin’s.

It’s not often you see great hip-checks in the National Hockey League these days. In former days, they were way more common, so every time we see one, fans are always off their seats.

And what was most remarkable about Gudas’ one was that it was agitator Brendan Lemieux. Lemieux attempted to catch up the puck after a fast from a teammate, but in the chase for the puck, he got massively stopped by Gudas’ backside. The hit sent Lemieux flying over Gudas and onto the ice, but he was quickly up on his feet again.

Lemieux, not really used to getting sent to the ice, wasted no time to get his revenge, as he got directly back into play and laid a huge hit on Gudas. The hit knocked Gudas down to the ice, and it was just magnificent to watch two physical, strong, and big players going at each other with great hits.

Later in the game, the two of them got misconducts after a scrum. The Anaheim Ducks won the game 6-3.

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